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About Us

T.L.C. Concepts has been providing high profile guest services to the entertainment, lodging and restaurant industries since 1992. We are a registered business based in Las Vegas.

Our bathroom host service benefits are:

  • High-profile guest amenities - Guest (95%) love it.
  • Consistently clean and tidy bathrooms - 100% satisfaction.
  • Controls the usage of paper products - Saves Money.
  • A loss prevention system - Immediate reporting of security problems.
  • Continuous maintenance reports - Immediately reporting of maintenance problems to management.
  • Continuous stocking of bathrooms - Guest not running out of towels or toilet paper.

We also provide coat check services.

We would like to have the opportunity to meet with you and show you the value of T.L.C. Concepts.


  • Bathroom Attendant Services
  • Coat Check Services
  • Shoe Shine Services
  • Major Cleaning Services

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